Author Panels

1 Welcome & Chat
Colleen Hoover & EL James Rocky Mountain Event Center
2 Writing Sex Scenes - WTF?
Readers enjoy the scenes, but what are they like to write?
Debra Anastasia, Audrey Carlan, Helena Hunting, EL James & Robinne Lee Rocky Mountain Event Center
3 Rachel Hollis Keynote
“Have you ever believed that you aren’t good enough? That you’re not thin enough? That you’re unlovable? That you’re a bad mom? That you deserve to be treated badly? That you’ll never amount to anything? All lies.”
NYT Bestselling Author, Rachel Hollis
Girl, Wash Your Face
Rocky Mountain Event Center
4 Author/Reader Interactions
What really happens when you open up your life to your book family?
Renee Carlino, BB Easton, JA Huss, Kristann Monaghan, DB James & Kim Holden Rocky Mountain Event Center
5 Writing with a spouse or BFF
It looks like so much fun, but is it?
Sarina Bowen, Jane Harvey-Berrick, Max Monroe & Stuart Reardon Evergreen E/F
6 Reader Reaction
OMG! This book changed my life!
Jewel E Ann, RC Boldt, Cora Carmack,
J Kenner, Monica Murphy & Cathlin Shahriary
Evergreen C
7 Jenga Writing
How authors work through the process of getting from A to B
Rebecca Donovan, Kenzie Hart, Rachel Higginson & KA Tucker Larkspur
8 Spinoffs
Who knew your characters could take on a life of their own?
Jana Aston, Whitney Barbetti, Abbi Glines, Aly Martinez & Daisy Prescott Aspen
9 Indie or Bust
The good, the bad and the great of being an indie author!
Tillie Cole, Kendall Grey, Meghan March, JR Rogue, Kennedy Ryan & Aleatha Romig Evergreen D
10 If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Starting your first novel is full of pitfalls, talk amongst yourselves!
Jay Crownover, Danielle Pearl, TK Rapp, Lexi Ryan & Rebecca Shea Evergreen E/F
11 Audiobooks
Bringing your book to life through audio.
Tali Alexander, Eric Asher, Liv Morris, CD Reiss, Susan Stoker & Mariana Zapata Larkspur
All about Trigger Warnings!!
Dylan Allen, KL Grayson, Stacey Grice, Seth King, Shay Savage & Mara White Evergreen A
13 But I Just Want to Write Books!
Author events, speaking engagements, anxiety and everything in-between
Brittainy Cherry, Cambria Hebert, SL Jennings, JS Scott & J Sterling Evergreen B
14 Social Media, Selfies & Self Promotion
When marketing your brand becomes your full time job
Jillian Dodd, Rachel Hollis, Kim Jones, Corinne Michaels, Kristen Proby & SL Scott Evergreen C
15 Moist, Ministrations, Pulsating; Words & Clichés We Love to Hate
How do you avoid the slippery slope?
Willow Aster, K Bromberg, JD Hollyfield, Raine Miller & Tabatha Vargo Evergreen D
16 Help! I’m Stuck in a Genre
Crossing over to the other side and out of your comfort zone
Jennifer L Armentrout, Natasha Boyd, Elizabeth Hunter, Geneva Lee, KA Linde & Nicole Loufas
Evergreen D
17 Muse or Inspiration?
Where do you get your ideas?
Amy Bartol, Jennifer Probst, Elizabeth Reyes, Shirl Rickman & Tiffanie DeBartolo Evergreen B
18 Twisted Like a Pretzel & Stuck in a Rut!
How do you navigate the mine field of plot twists and overcome writers block?
Daryl Banner, Jessica Ingro, Ella James, Laurelin Paige, Rebekah Crane & Sara Ney Larkspur
19 Calgon, Take Me Away!
When your real life affects your writing and bleeds into your plot
Katie Ashley, LB Dunbar, Amy Harmon, M. Mabie & Kathryn Perez Evergreen E/F
20 Judging Books by Their Covers
Cover designs & branding
Fisher Amelie, TM Frazier, Karina Halle, Michelle Mankin, Meghan Quinn & Dina Silver Evergreen C
21 Lights, Camera, Action!
When an author sells film rights, what happens next?
Kami Garcia, Heidi McLaughlin, EL James, Rachel Van Dyken & Anna Todd Evergreen A